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Originally from Detroit, Jeremy graduated cum laude in Painting and Comparative Literature from Columbia University, NY and trained at the Actor's Studio. A Fulbright and Guggenheim recipient, he’s artistic co-director of performance/film company CABULA6, voted “company of the Year” by Ballettanz, and awarded “Outstanding Artist of the Year” by the Austrian Ministry of the Arts. He’s known in Europe as a performance artist with a unique artistic voice and approach to stage and film, blending emotionally gripping personal stories with the larger social contexts within which they emerge - including the trilogy THE ANGOLA PROJECT (premiere: Impulstanz, Vienna and PS122, NYC). Working as a dancer, actor and filmmaker, he has performed and presented work around the world on stage, TV and in Cinema. Jeremy's film directing credits include the award-winning feature documentary DEATH METAL ANGOLA, the six-part series “Crime Europe," and the short documentaries “Macondo,” "Dive," and "Care," in addition to several other shorts. He is currently in post-production on SONS OF DETROIT, a genre-bending documentary based partly on his childhood growing up in Detroit and recently completed the feature documentary THE BONES about the international dinosaur bone trade. He has several narrative scripts including one set during the 2010 Detroit housing crisis (workshopped at the Cine Qua Non Labs) a septuagenarian coming of age story / environmental thriller and a Ladino cowboy movie. 

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